Going Back to the Scene of the Crime: Low Sukuk “Yields” in Malaysia Prompting Investors to Return to Dubai

Yields on Malaysia’s sovereign Islamic bonds are trading at the narrowest premium to Treasuries since they were sold, giving investors incentives to buy higher- returning sukuk after Dubai World’s debt restructuring agreement.

It seems Islamic bond investors have short memories…Dubai World was the perpetrator of the world’s largest Sukuk swindle less than 2 years ago…



Dubai Sukuk ‘Massive’ Rally Ruled Out by Citi

Dubai’s Islamic bonds, after beating sukuk from Malaysia this quarter, may face limited gains because the restructuring of Dubai World’s $24.9 billion in debt requires asset sales over eight years.


Is Mayor Bloomberg Finally Starting to Make Cents?

Mayor Bloomberg is not making sense. He is not saying, “Lets slow down, New Yorkers are hurting”.   He is not saying, “Tolerance and respect goes both ways”. He is not saying “Wait, there are concerns about the affiliations of Imam Rauf, and his source of funding”.

Mayor Bloomberg is not making sense.

Or is he?

Michael Bloomberg the businessman is making sense. Dollars and cents. Millions of dollars and cents.   Mayor Bloomberg and Imam Rauf are building Shariah bridges together.