Shariah Finance Watch is Back. Thank you to our readers for your patience.

The technical issues which caused the Shariah Finance Watch blog to experience extended outages have been cleared up. We will resume posting on the original Shariah Finance Watch site immediately.

Thank you very much for your patience.

Welcome to the Temporary Home of Shariah Finance Watch

As many readers of Shariah Finance Watch have realized over the past several weeks, the Shariah Finance Watch blog has experienced some serious technical issues which we have unsuccessfully attempted to correct. The cause of these technical malfunctions is unclear.

Therefore, we have created this new home for Shariah Finance Watch so that our readers can continue to view our updates until we get the problems fixed.

Please update your bookmarks and favorites and visit here often. We pledge to update this page daily, Monday through Friday and we will continue to keep our readers apprised of the situation at our old page…

Thank you for your patience and understanding.